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Reportage Wedding Photography

It’s time to do a best of for the year. I could have done my favourite ten…. favourite moments, favourite dance shots (although you’ve probably already seen all of those already) favourite getting ready.

In fact, as I poured through thousands of images trying to make a longlist it did strike me that given a different mood on a different day, I’d probably choose different ones. Same goes for the shortlist and also the final selection. So all I can definitively say are these were my favourites (on Thursday) of my favourites (on Wednesday) of my favourites (on Tuesday)

Anyway. A huge thank you to everyone I’ve worked with this year – you have been awesome and let me into your special days as if I were family – and that is exactly what I need to make the imagery I make. Hopefully I’ll bump into more of you in the future (hoping to do more family stuff this year – but we’ll see, it does involve slowing down!

This year – I’m hoping to shoot more analog and film and polaroid and (hopefully) mix it into the commercial work. I’m hoping to shoot more family shoots and do some work with alternative brands and artists (looping back into shooting film again).

This is my final selection of 115 photos (random number, I know)…. it’s best viewed on a big screen because, well, if you know my work, you’ll know that there tend to be levels of complexity and storytelling.

And turn the sound up.

Happy new year.