Capturing the Life and Soul of your Day

 "Simon has a true talent for capturing natural, subtle moments, with beautiful light, colour and context. Genuine interesting photos, which I personally feel is quite rare in wedding photography!"

 Are you looking for unique and natural wedding photography with a creative twist? 

 What do you want to look back on when you go through your wedding album in 10, 20, 50 years? Do you want a collection of images that capture the feeling of being there on the day? The excitement and emotions? The fun and laughter and connection?

Bride & Groom

Relaxed, Natural and Unposed

 I work in a documentary style. Using discrete cameras and a lot of natural light. I'm passionate about photographing weddings authentically. I believe it makes the photos so much more interesting. 

 As a photographer I’m influenced by street photography and music and movies. I’m always aiming to take images that capture the connections and emotions of a wedding day. Photos that tell more of the story than simple headshots and…. ‘then this happened’.

 I love being able to attend so many weddings. I love the characters and stories and the tears and the joy. I love that I get to express myself and make art out of a wedding day - and people love that I do it.