I like to keep out of the way on the day. Because I don't think a wedding would be about the photographer - and I also believe it makes for more interesting and intimate photographs.

I will usually be there from the morning preparations, capturing the anticipation and relationships as the day starts and work in the background until late into the evening celebrations.

When it comes to formal / group shots I'm happy to do a few, but if you're looking for a lot of these - I'm probably the wrong photographer for you.
When it comes to the two of you I like to get steal a few minutes (ideally) later in the day as the sun sets. I'm not heavy on posing and like to hang back and capture you being yourselves and get you back to your guests as quickly as possible.

Of course, I also think communication is important - so we come up with a plan to help the day flow a few weeks before the wedding.

If this sounds like the kind of wedding photography you want, please drop me a line

so beautiful, so alive, you can feel the joy

"Simon is an artist. The photos he took of our special day are so beautiful, so alive, you can feel the joy and the fun we all had at our wedding. We all cried when we first saw them, I still cry now! I could not recommend Simon enough. He is incredibly helpful, was so attentive to what we wanted on the day and when the day arrived, we were only sad that we didn't see him very much! Because he was off taking the most treasured photos I have in my house. I had a hard time choosing pictures to be printed so in the end I chose them all!".- Michaela & Stuart



I love weddings - the emotions, the characters and the stories as people have the hugest celebration of life. I’m really grateful that this is what I get to do for a living.


I’m inspired by street photography, documentary photography and the great Life and National Geographic photographers.


I live in Derby with my wife and young children & loads of pets. You can find me playing an instrument, watching a movie or reading a good book.




I hate having my photo taken

That's not a qeustion, but all my couples say that. I think that’s one of the benefits of this type of photography. We don’t have to do any portraits or anything formal.

If you do want to do portraits, they will be relaxed and informal too.


My mum wants some group shots - do you do that?


Whilst it’s not the style I’m known for, I’m happy to do a handful of group shots.


How long until we see the photos?


It’s usually 4-5 weeks after the wedding. Sometimes a bit longer in busy season. You’ll usually see some form of preview within a week of the wedding.


Do we need to supply / do anything?


I’m glad you asked. The most important thing you can give me is your trust and access to your wedding day. It often helps if you let those close to you know that this is the style of photography you have opted for. It saves them thinking they have to pose / behave for my benefit.

A few weeks before the wedding we'll also run through the itinerary for the day and any special shots you would like.


Do you need feeding?


Yes please, I use a lot of energy on a wedding day and a hot meal keeps me going throughout the day. Besides, I live with vegetarians, so it’s always nice to have a little holiday from that.


What happens if you’re ill on the day?


I’d have to be very ill…. But I’ve been about a few years and know loads of great wedding photographers who would be happy to help out in an emergency.