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I was never going to be your average wedding photographer.

And not just because I’m hopelessly scruffy and a bit of a rebel.

I don’t like to come in with a preconceived idea of what any photograph should look like, let alone your wedding photographs.

Every wedding I photograph looks different because I don’t like to turn up to a wedding with a checklist of photos that need to be taken.

For me, it’s not about ticking off the safe shots.

It’s about working with the light in the space available, the personality of the couple and their wedding party, and the events unfolding before me to create fresh and dynamic images that take you right back to the moment whenever you look at them.

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The truth is, not everyone wants to be!

One of the joys of doing what I do is meeting the couples I photograph and getting to know their stories and individual quirks.

It’s how I bring photojournalism into your big day. I do a lot of listening and very little directing, which is not how most wedding photographers choose to work. (Told you, rebel!)

I knew early on that I didn’t want to spend my days taking ‘haunted dress’ photos or snapping pictures of chapel-bound feet. I wanted to represent the alternative and draw on the photography process I’d been learning about from as far back as the 1800s, take inspiration from modern cinema and street photography, and inject some personality into my craft.

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Being able to take photos that let you relive the moment hinges, in part, on my understanding of you beforehand.

It’s where the photojournalism element of how I work comes into play.

Bridal Preparations at The West Mill

So before your wedding, I’ll spend more time getting to know you both than most—your personalities as individuals and together as a couple.

We’ll meet or talk a few times before your wedding day arrives, and I’ll ask about your family dynamics, much-mentioned anecdotes, die-hard habits, and hilarious quirks. The more I understand before the big day, the better I’ll be at seizing the moments as they happen.

We’ll also chat through how you see the day unfolding and whether you have any special requirements.

You can let me know if you’d like any specific portraits or group shots taken.

So on the day I do my best to blend in.

I don’t tend to hide behind pillars or behave like a camera-wielding stalker; it doesn’t tend to make guests feel relaxed. I work quickly and intuitively, always looking out for the next shot so that each of your images are entirely and uniquely moment-driven instead of being staged.

I use small cameras to take wide shots, and my eye for stunning composition means that every tiny detail will be accounted for.

And, of course, even the most alternative non-traditionalists typically want a few portraits to remember the day they said ‘I do.’ So I will suggest that you step away from your loved ones for just a short time, usually during the sun setting, golden hour, so that I can grab a few relaxed, uncomplicated, and unscripted portraits of the happy couple.

Simon is an artist, each picture so beautifully composed, and he managed to capture all the moments and details that we missed as bride and groom.
It is a joy to look at the pictures, remembering our day, but also seeing it as our guests experienced it. These pictures make everyone so happy.l

AnneliesOdda's Chapel, 2019
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