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I’m a stationary obsessive, or ‘papyrophiliac’

 I  love that perfect leather bound journal, a nice heavy paper with a fine grain. As someone who also enjoys writing I love the feel of a fountain pen gliding across the perfect page. I love the tactile nature of it.

So when it comes to wedding albums I’m really quite choosy. None of that shiny metallic paper or cheap imitation materials. I wanted something tactile that would last generations. 

If you’ve already had a look around the site or I’ve already photographed your wedding and are thinking about  buying a wedding album you’ll know that I’m very much a storyteller.

And whilst I may produce some nice portraits that fit nicely on the wall above the mantlepeice, the best place for them is in a book.

I really believe this is the best way for the photos to shine and play off each other and reveal their deeper layers.

So it really is so much better than them living out their lives on a musty hard drive or floppy disk.

Hazel and I married in 2008 and at the time the standard delivery method was all the images on a DVD.

We copied the images to Facebook (which was also brand new at the time), the hard drive of Hazel’s laptop and I also uploaded them to zenfolio, who I was using professionally at the time.

Of course, the laptop died a year or so later, and I moved gallery provider, completely forgetting about our wedding photos. The Facebook images aren’t printable quality. Yes we still have a CD, but CD’s and DVDs degraded a lot faster than advertised.

The shifting sands of technology and time had conspired against us.

Luckily we’d also ordered an album so all was not lost: wedding albums don’t have planned obsolescence. 

The images he created are singularly breathtaking- overflowing with love and joy, beautiful and in the case of one image from our day, a genuine prize winner ! We also used Simon to create our wedding album, which in itself is a piece of art, before you even look at the images inside.

Jen & RobMuseum of Making, Derby 2023
Folio Fine Art Wedding Album

I've always been a big fan of Folio Albums because of their quality materials and attention to detail.

Their use of archival quality materials and superior printing and lay flat binding leads to albums that look beautiful and last generations – which (in my opinion) are the two standards every wedding album should be held to.


They’re base in Yorkshire and one of the most ecologically friendly album companies.

Your Fine Art Book will be designed by me in house  and you will be able to view the design and revise until it’s perfect.

Folio Album on Table

All wedding albums come with 30 pages (15 Spreads), and are printed on Art White Paper and include cover printing, debasing or embossing.


12 Inch Square – £600
10 Inch Square – £550

A4 Landscape / Portrait – £500

Mini Duplicate albums – £125 / 2 for £200