The Gold Standard

I've always been a big fan of Folio Albums because of their quality materials and attention to detail. Their use of archival quality materials and superior printing and lay flat binding leads to albums that look beautiful and last generations - which (in my opinion) are the two standards all wedding albums should be held to. 

They're also local (York) and one of the most ecologically friendly album companies. But most importantly - they make extremely strokable albums.

Folio Fine Art Albums are so customisable, and each one is truly individual and beautiful. Your Fine Art Book will be designed by me in house (I have a very simple and elegant style to my albums to let each picture breathe and add to the story) and you will be able to view the design and revise until it's perfect. 


New for 2021
The Palette Album is much simpler - it has a refined selection of fabric cover options and premade stamps. This keeps the price down whilst ensuring a quality album.  Palette albums are designed at Folio, with one round of Design changes once you've seen the initial design.  

8 in - £195
10 in - £250
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