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Wedding – Salem Chapel,Wingerworth

Reception – The Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale


I always think the best wedding photography comes about when a couple really gives you access to their day. When they let you in as if your part of the family and trust you to make the perfect pictures for them.

I loved shooting every minute of this – and I really love the autumnal touches, the warm colours in the flowers and details that really let you know where you are in the year. All the more amazing was the fact they were supplied by the guests.

“To be honest, we didn’t use suppliers for the decoration. Everything was handmade by ourselves, family and friends. The gourds were grown by my dad and my Uncle who also grew some of the pumpkins too. Other friends had a go at growing gourds as well. It was just a really fun year running up to the wedding making and collecting everything and getting close friends and family involved. Everyone was on the lookout for autumnal things and what dried flowers we could use along with fresh?
My dress was from wed4less at Stockport.”

I added my own warmth in the processing – my colours are naturally warm, but here I’ve left everything a bit warmer and tried to emulate the contrast and feel of that favourite lens you just leave on your family’s camera. (I also wanted to emulate the feel of Kodak Gold – an old consumer film that has a real warmth to it and a feel of old family photos – because after all, what is a wedding, if not a collection of family photos)

If you’d like your wedding captured in a warm, reportage style, please drop me a line.