Your Day

"Live authentically. Why would you continue to compromise something that's beautiful to create something that is fake?" --Steve Maraboli

 I believe that authenticity is beautiful and doesn’t date. I’m not a smoke-bombs and hipster poses kind of photographer (in the same way I wasn’t into spot-colour and people leaping into the air when i first started out). I believe true creativity comes from being in the moment, and being authentic with what you create. 

 We will meet - or at least speak a few weeks before the big day to go through your itinerary and any group shots you would like on the day.  

It’s also a good idea to let me know about any surprises you have planned for the guests or each other!


’m very much a people photographer. For me, preparations are about the stories as the day builds up. The anticipation and relationships, rather than a lot of make up and hair and details. 

 I tend to photograph things as they are found, so if you want a picture of the dress hanging up, or the shoes on a bookshelf - leave them out and let me know! 

The Ceremony

I tend to work very much in the moment and in the background of your ceremony. Capturing moments as they happen. Your registrar or priest may have restrictions on photography - so it’s always best to check this out before - although in 7 years i’ve never had a situation (touch wood) where photography wasn’t possible at all. 

Group shots

I ask that we keep it to less than 10 group shots - this allows me to capture more of the drinks reception and guests. 

Meal & Speeches

Pictures of people eating aren’t very flattering, so I tend to use this time to recharge my batteries and tend to any technical things that need my attention - but I will always make sure that I’m there for the speeches - as these are usually one of the most emotional parts of the day. 

If you want pictures of the food, please let me know beforehand. 


f possible, I’ll usually try and grab some time with you after the meal - the light tends to be much more beautiful. 

 Sometimes, this isn’t possible - and I usually try to get a couple of portraits in earlier in case the weather takes a turn for the worse later in the day. 

 Pleas don’t practice poses, or worry about what you’ll be expected to do. I always find the best portraits come from people being their authentic selves. I may leave you to it, or prompt you… but I see it as my responsibility to get beautiful natural portraits of you. 


I’m always in the thick of it at the evening reception. I may use extra lighting, but I prefer not to if possible. For me this is where people let their hair down and it always generates relaxed, fun photos. 

I love to stay for the dancing and fun, and at some point in the evening I'll realise that people are probably going to stay in the circles they're in (whether that's on the dancefloor or propping up the bar) and the story of your day has been told. 

After the Wedding

 Your wedding photos are usually ready 4-5 weeks after the wedding, although I usually let you see a few photos as soon as possible after the day.

 If you’ve ordered an album, you can then start selecting images for it before I put together a design for you - or, if you prefer, I can just put together a design. 

If this sounds like the type of photography you’re looking for..