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Those that follow me know I’ve been using Fuji cameras since the launch of the Xpro2. I love the tactile nature and simplicity of the camera bodies (like a vintage film camera with a digital sensor).

Fuji film xt3s

I’ve been using the XT3 for what feels like forever now. They are cheap and cheerful and I picked one up from the Fuji refurb store and a second one secondhand. They’ve done what I want them to, but they’ve never felt like the perfect camera for me in the same way the Xpro2 almost did. And £1800 for an xpro3 seemed crazy, seeing as I could buy two XT3’s for that!

And the XT4 just seemed like an XT3 for videographers – the only real benefit was longer battery life… again for a much more premium price.

So I was really excited for the May Fuji announcement. It was the 10 year anniversary and I was hoping for something really special. I’d skipped the previous generation of cameras and TBH probably had a bit of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). An Xpro4? Anything for us photographers who weren’t really interested in shooting video?

Nope – what they did announce was the Fuji XH2s – another videographers camera. Bigger, better, faster…. More frames per second. Slightly faster autofocus. At the price of 3 XT3’s.

Fujifilm xh2s

Now, I’m not baulking at the cost – I had the money mentally put aside. But not for an ugly PASM with an overcomplicated layout. Not, I suppose, for a video camera that put photographers second (yet again)

And this is the point I considered leaving Fuji.

(Update: I did leave Fuji, briefly, but came back. Find out more in my XT5 review)

I looked at Canon and Nikon and Sony (all of which had cameras which as far as I’m concerned, fall into the same “ugly PASM with a complicated layout” category – but at least you get a full frame sensor!). I held some friends cameras (the latest canons and Sonys) and they just felt unwieldy to me. And as if I’d be trying to work out stuff in complicated menu systems.

And then I thought… why not Leica?

Because I realised Leica seemed to give me everything I was looking for in a camera. Manual, tactile full frame cameras in small, uncomplicated bodies. Nearly everything about them was perfect.

Except for them only having one card slot. Which is a deal breaker for me. I don’t want to be loosing sleep over that. I already loose enough sleep over the myriad of issues that a wedding photographer has to deal with.

So I was stuck. I think the Leica Q2 is probably the perfect camera for me, but at around 4k and only one card slot it is wholly impractical.

Fuji Xpro3

Which bought me full circle. I’m now the happy owner of an Xpro3 (I did try pulling my bust up xpro2 out of retirement – but it really is bust up!). It’s simple, tactile and everything I love about the Fuji system.

Simon Atkins said to me that the Fuji XT3 is something you purchase with your brain and the Xpro3 is something you purchase with your heart….. But isn’t that important? Doesn’t the way a camera feels change how you use it and make photos with it?

I think I previously said I probably wouldn’t take an Xpro3 on a bouncy castle, but I’ve realised… I’m pretty happy taking it anywhere. It’s built like a tank and a lot more robust feeling than even the Xpro2.

So I’ll eagerly await whatever Fuji have planned in the future – but for me I don’t see it being an XH2s or XH2 – we sorely need a photographers camera…. But in the meantime the Xpro3 will do me fine.

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