What could possibly happen? - West Bridgford Hall Wedding

August 22, 2019

Emma & Mike

Wedding - West Bridgford hall  registry office / Reception - Lutterall Hall

Mike & Emma booked me a couple of weeks before their wedding. And it sounded like a fairly standard registry office,  village hall kind of affair. Except they didn't want any preparations and would like me to start at 3pm and stay until the end of the celebrations (usually people book shorter coverage when starting so late). I'll admit - I was thinking, what could possibly happen in that time? Am I going to have enough photos at the end of it? Do they really know what they're buying into here?

Turned out I needn't be worried - they were both insistent that I worked in a natural, unposed style just documenting the party as it happened (the one caveat was that they'd like some detail shots, as they'd put a lot of effort into the styling of Lutteral Hall)

And as for what could possibly happen in that time.... so much.  It was a giant family party full of party games, lawn games,  family and friends bonding, a lot of Queen songs and so many uses for inflatable pigs.....

But most of all - Emma & Mike made this day. They are both so relaxed, yet still the life and soul of the party and obviously have so much love for each other there was never any need to pose or set it up for the camera.

Who new such an unassuming sounding wedding would end up being so much fun?



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