Weddings at The West Mill

August 17, 2021

The West Mill Wedding Venue
The West Mill Wedding Venue - a Converted Industrial Mill on the Banks of the Derwent in Darley Abbey

The West Mill - A Vintage Industrial Wedding Venue in the Heart of Derby

I was very excited when I first heard about The West Mill opening for weddings. And it's quickly become one of my favourite venues. Before that I don't think Derby really had much going for it for wedding venues - most of the best places were out of town, in the surrounding villages or even out in the Peak District.

So The West Mill created quite a stir when it opened - with it's beautiful vintage decor, industrial-chic style and Riverside location (it's an old converted mill set on the River Derwent in Darley Abbey). Most importantly, everything is set out over four floors for as seamless a wedding experience as possible (there's no stepping out whilst the team turn around rooms).

A Wedding Day at The West Mill

Guests usually gather in the Gallery on the ground floor, whilst one half of the couple is getting ready in a dressing room upstairs (the dressing room is excellent for preparation photos). After that they move all the way up to the top of the building (yes, there is a lift) for the ceremony. The vintage bare brick feel of the Cotton Quarter lends itself well to all sorts of styling. There's even a piano already supplied (so all you need to bring is a pianist)

After the wedding ceremony it's usually back to the gallery for drinks and canapés, before dining in The Breakfast Room and dancing the night away in The Spinning Room.

Wedding Photography at The West Mill

I'm going to include some photos from my previous weddings - but if you want to see a full wedding - check out Emma & Jon's West Mill Wedding

On a different note - if you want to book a relaxed, documentary wedding photographer to cover your day please stay and have a look around the website.


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