Rustic Country Wedding @ Floral Media - Kate & Chris

September 8, 2021

Kate & Chris A Beautiful Wedding At Floral Media in Caunton

This was my first major post-covid-lockdown wedding - so I was really excited to get back to shooting. Kate and Chris spent their day at the beautifully rustic countryside venue Floral Media Wedding Venue in Caunton Newark surrounded by family and friends. And (quite importantly) it didn't rain despite all the weather reports and odds being against us on the day. It was a beautifully relaxed and chilled day and was wrapped off with live music by Grove Street

It was a delayed wedding for Kate and Chris- - who had been planning to get married just as the Covid lockdown's started. The day was made more magical by the fact that their son Jack had grown from and infant into a little boy.

You can check out the images in the below slideshow, or keep scrolling for a gallery selection (always works better if you're browsing at work!)

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Floral Media Wedding Venue

Floral Media is a horticultural wonderland outside Newark in Nottinghamshire. It has acres of beautifully cultivated land and is a great place for a shabby chic countryside rustic wedding.

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