Introducing the 8" Primabook

A price-conscious album option

A lot of people have been asking about a more affordable alternative to the Fine Art Books - and while I love the quality and individuality of each book, I've been on the search for a cheaper album for some time.The Primabook is the perfect balance of quality and affordability

The Primabook has been designed with price in mind - it comes with a choice of pre-made stamp and no box. It's small and portable and great for a book to show around or as a gift. In forgoing some customisation costs, the Primabook is a fraction of the price of a fully customised album.


With 10 beautiful Flores Fabrics and 19 different gold stamps to choose from there are still plenty of options for making your book unique

Prices StarT at £175

10 spreads and pre-made embossing. Extra spreads (2 pages) are 12.50 each.