Iscoyd Park Wedding Photographer - Abi & Marc

October 4, 2017

Apologies for the lack of posts - we moved house and it's all been a bit hectic post wedding season. But I'm coming back with some stunning wedding photography from Iscoyd Park in Shropshire.

It  was one of those days where it rained all day (Iscoyd park is a Georgian country house wedding venue surrounded by gorgeous countryside - s0 you can imagine the disappointment) - but that wasn't bringing the mood down. You can tell from the photos that it was an emotional ceremony held in the garden room. Followed by a huge party including mealtime entertainment from Main Course - Singing Waiters and a couple of chances to nip off for some portraits in the stunning library.

It was a beautiful day - and there was loads of music and love in the air - but did I mention how much it rained? I drove all 70 miles home at about 20 miles per hour because of the sheer amount of water coming from the sky...


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