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What's in my camera bag - keeping it simple with the Fuji Xpro2


Nowadays, my camera bag is really, really light. (And just taking a picture of it, I've figured out one thing I can move to my spares kit that I keep in the car.)

My style has progressed through the years. I started off with Nikon camera's and the big zoom lenses (24-70 and 70-200) often with a super-wide angle lens thrown in (although I never found an affordable one that I could get on with). It was like carrying a child on my back everywhere I went.

I ditched the 70-200 for a 135mm lens, as it was spending more and more time in the boot of the car, and then gradually the 135mm started getting left in the boot too. Before long I had switched to just using 4 prime lenses - the 24mm, 35mm, 58mm and 85mm.... and these lenses are what the majority of my portfolio is shot on. My bag was getting lighter

I'd experimented with Fuji's xpro1 when it was released - an amazing concept for a camera, but I didn't feel it lived up to the hype. Focusing was slow, and I couldn't really match the lenses I was working with. When the Xpro2 arrived it was a godsendand I thought it was a good time to switch. The Xpro2 is such a light and unobtrusive camera

So - here it is - there's not much too it, and I'd like to simplify it further in the future.

2 x Xpro2 camera's - I love the simplicity and responsiveness of these cameras. They operate a lot like the old Nikon FM models - except with all sort of wonderful technology thrown in. They do a decent impression of a modern DSLR, but I think where they really shine is when you let go a bit and use them like a rangefinder. It was a steep learning curve switching, but I've managed to mind-meld with the camera for the most part.

16mm Fujinon Lens - For the wide shots and getting involved in the dancefloor action.
23mm Fujinon Lens - I shoot nearly everything on this
35mm Fujinon Lens - It's a really discrete little lens that I should use more
56mm Fujinon Lens - This is the equivalent of 85mm, I'm forced to use it sometimes, but it's slower to focus and I usually like to be closer to the action - hence the 16mm and 23mm lenses being so widely used.

Nissin i40 flash x 2 - I only really use this when in a tight spot. Like if the signing of the register has complete horror show lighting (it's very common). I carry a second one in case the first one breaks.

Fuji efx20 flash with flash cord - because the cameras are so light, you can hold this in one hand and have more control over the direction of lighting. I used to use a lot more 'on-camera' flash, but since discovering the work of Larry Fink I've wanted to get that dynamic light instead.

(Not pictured) Loads of spare batteries.

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