A Lindy Bop Garden Party Wedding – Jen & Chris

 Jen & Chris Married at West Bridgford Hall, followed by a garden party in Jen’s parents back garden before heading on to Lubenham Village Hall to Lindy-Bop the night away.

I’m going to hand it over to Jen & Chris to tell the story:

How did you meet?
On Tinder! We each swiped right. Chris didn’t have good signal where he lived. Every time he messaged me he had to go out onto the street for reception. We met on 27th December, in  bar I’d been quite ill over Christmas and almost cancelled. So glad I didn’t!
Tell us about the proposal
I’d just got back from a couple of weeks in South Africa for work. Chris has planned it all. He based it on our first three dates. We had diet coke – the drink we ordered the day we first met. He had learned how to cook Turkish food and made me a beautiful meal (we went to a Turkish restaurant on our second date). We sat on the floor in my living room and ate it picnic-style by the fire, just like we did on our third date. I could hardly answer for crying. But somehow I managed to squeak out the word ‘yes’.
What was the inspiration for your wedding?
We knew we wanted to keep it low-key, natural, and not buy-in to the traditional wedding circuit. We discussed what was important to each of us, and went from there. For Chris, it was that we provided lots of food, and all the alcohol. For me, it was that it looked beautiful. We both swing dance and wanted a good party. We thought briefly about just having a small Ceremony and keeping it really simple, but we decided that this was our chance to bring everyone we knew and loved together. We found the hall, a local Community Hall, and went from there – my parents offered their garden for after the Wedding itself. I love making things, and had a picture in my head of how it would look. There wasn’t an ‘inspiration’ as such, I just went with what I found and made it up as I went along!
How would you describe your wedding theme?
Home-made! I described it as ‘Garden’ in the end – with a vintage flavour.
Do you have any particularly significant, funny or important stories about something that happened surrounding your wedding?
Originally we were going to get married in September. But one of my brother’s lives in Japan with his wife and my two nephews. He’s a teacher and can only visit in the summer. This was the only day  we could get my whole family, and Chris’ family, in one place! Summer wedding it was then.
What was your favourite part of the wedding?
The people. For both of us, the process of planning a wedding really made us realise just how many wonderful people we have in our lives – this was a chance to reconnect with people we’d lost touch with, and to see those who lived further afield. My friend Anne flew over all the way from Australia to be there. In the end, we had British, German (Chris is German!), Japanese, Australian, American, Norwegian and Irish. It was a wonderful mix of wonderful people .Chris’ mum made my bouquet… My mum organised the ‘Garden Party’, some of my friends baked cakes for desserts, others brought alcohol – people helped set-up the hall, and clear up the hall the next day. It was us, and our friends. It was real, and it was fun!
What did you choose for readings and music? Why?
James Kavanaugh — ‘To love is not to possess’. Why? So many wedding readings are so cliche, about roses, waterfalls, and summer days. ‘To love is not to possess’ is about real, durable love. The kind of stuff that lasts. It was the perfect reading for our day.
What was your wedding budget?
Free! We soon realised that wasn’t possible, aimed for £5,000 and then decided that £10,000 was more realistic. I think we came in just under!
How did you allocate your budget?
We had a whole spreadsheet! We ticked off the important things first: Dress, suit, venue, food, alcohol, accomodation and then guestimated everything else. I set myself a ‘decoration’ budget, and am proud that I managed to stick to it.
In retrospect, was there anything you would have done differently?
Actually, no. For us the whole day was just what we wanted – better in fact. the only thing I (and Chris) would say, is that I wish I worried less about the little things. But then, that’s who I am and who I’ll always be!
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Given our budget, we were reluctant to spend on a photographer, but we also knew we would regret it if we didn’t have a good set of photos. Simon was a recommendation from another guy that we approached. We had a shortlist of two, but his style of photos swung it in the end. We wanted natural photos, not posed stiff ones, and Simon’s portfolio looked beautifully quirky. I can’t tell you how glad we are that we chose him. He was worth every penny and more. Neither of us expected such an array of beautiful photo, it’s impossible to choose our favourites, there are just so many! He is a nice, professional guy and clearly loves what he does – it was great to see how he enjoyed taking photos of our day.Not only has he captured every moment, he’s captured every feeling. Every time I look at our photos I smile. They are perfect.
Massive thanks to Lubenham Village Hall and of course to Emmerson & Wests – of everything I worried about that day, I knew the food and bar were well taken care of. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

They’re a super-lovely international couple – with lots of great friends and family. The day took in garden games, lots of emotional moments and a lot of great dancing . It’s such a smorgasbord of events and stories that I think it’s best presented in a totally random fashion… so here goes.


Anstey Hall Wedding Photographer – Nikki & Matt

Bride & Groom sharing a quiet moment

An Elegant Stately Home Wedding

Sometimes it’s nice to travel out of Derbyshire and the East Midlands to photograph a wedding. And this was certainly a very beautiful day. Nikki & Matt married at the stately Anstey Hall, a 17th century farmhouse set amongst beautiful grounds in Cambridge (I’m originally from Cambridgeshire, if you didn’t already know). It was HOT (as most of our summer was) so I can’t believe Matt and his groomsmen spent the whole day in military dress.  It was also chaotic and fun and full of personality.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Wedding details at Anstey HallBridal Preparations at Anstey HallBridal Preparations at Anstey Hall

Bridal Preparations at Anstey HallBridesmaids at Anstey HallWedding Guests at Anstey HallBridal Preparations at Anstey Hall

Engagement Shoot Jewellery Quarter / Digbeth Birmingham- Zoe & Karl

 It seems so long ago (because I am so behind with my blogging) – but earlier in the summer I got to meet with this lovely couple and take some quirky photos of the two of them together.

I love shooting in the city, and Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter has bags of personality and style.  (And such interesting light late on a summer evening.) We hung around the canal, we hung around housing estates… and of course found doors and graffiti and reflections and shadows and everything a photographer’s soul needs.


Zoe & Karl will get married at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham in Autumn.

Carriage Hall Wedding Photographer

Bride & Groom Kiss Outside the Carriage Hall

Natascha & Alex’s Carriage Hall Wedding

Those of you familiar with my work will know that I love the Carriage Hall. I’ve been there many times over my time as a wedding photographer.  It’s a perfect venue for those that want to put their own stamp on the day. The staff very much tailor the wedding to you.

Natascha & Alex got married a few weeks ago and it was a beautiful day full of wonderful moments. Natascha’s family are German, so half the speeches were in German so as to include them.  There was beautiful music from Arkangel throughout the day (they played for so many hours and it was all beautiful).

Best moment was getting to see them try and cut the cake with a ceremonial sword.

Pictures below –



Wedding BouquetsBride & Bridesmaids Getting Ready

The Father of The Bride Sees The BrideFather of the bride with the brideThe Bride has a reflective momentGuests Arrive at The Carriage Hall Exclusive Wedding VenueTable Bouquet Carriage Hall Wedding CeremonyThe Bride Walks Down The Aisle at The Carriage Hall - Wedding Photographer Simon DeweyExchanging the rings at The Carriage HallA photograph taken from the balcony at the carriage hallBride and Groom - Just MarriedConfetti outside the carriage HallWedding Reception at the carriage hallFather of the bride speechBride & Groom at The Carriage HallBest mans speech at the carriage hallCake cutting using a Scottish ceremonial swordFirst Dance at the carriage hall

Curbar Edge Derbyshire Engagement Shoot – Hannah & Tom

This isn’t usually what I do. I’m not the sort of photographer who spends a lot of time on portraits. They disrupt weddings to much (in my personal opionion) whilst a newlywed couple should be enjoying the time spent with family.

And I don’t actively persuade people to book an engagement shoot. Sometimes I’ll suggest it if the couple are really nervous, but I see it as something completely separate to wedding photography.

But at the same time, I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone… to do something different.

So I ran an engagement shoot competition to see what would happen. In the end I was so overwhelmed by the response that I ended up picking three couples to work with. This is just one of them.

Curbar Edge is a beautiful location overlooking Derbyshire’s Peak District

Being a very peaky area, it’s just one of several locations that does this! Hannah & Tom were such a great easygoing couple to work with. The weather was windy, a little bit rainy, with the occasional ray of beautiful evening light (and even a rainbow). We worked through loads of ideas and the whole shoot was great fun.