Wollaton Hall Engagement Photography with Katie & Alex – Nottingham Wedding Photographer Simon Dewey


Last week I got a phone call from Kathryn –  She and Alex are getting married next year and were looking for engagement photography. I managed to fit them in over the weekend and we decided on Wollaton Hall and Country Park as the venue.

Wollaton Hall and Country Park are beautiful, a wonderful retreat in the centre of nottingham. As I pulled in to the car park placid deer snoozed just feet away, and I was reminded of my previous visit, and my dad trying to get shots of deer from about a mile away through a 400mm lens (we’d obviously chosen the wrong day to visit)

In fact, Batman lives here, in the newer Batman films. It’s the Wayne Mansion. They’ve got a great big Batman beam out front

Anyway. Alex and Katie were so easy and fun to work with. Obviously there’s a bit of a height difference there, Alex being a strapping rower and Katie being a tiny rowing cox.

I was determined to get a good silhouette shot (I don’t know why, I just felt like it) so thought it was my lucky day when I saw the sun bouncing off the lake and dragged them both across the golf course, only to find a giant hidden ditch (which Alex informed me was called a ha-ha). We still made it round though and got a few shots against the lake, which are definitely my favourites of the day. A big thank you to Katie and Alex for being so up for it, especially as Alex had come straight from training.

We also stumbled across some other photographers out doing an engagement shoot. If you’re out there reading this (or if you’re the couple who were being photographed) it would be great to hear from you and maybe compare field notes.

Did I mention that it was also a cold, cold day and I discovered just how easy a detour to the cheesecake shop in Bramcote is?


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Wedfest! – Sarah & Brian’s Tipi Wedding


Some weddings surprise you, pleasantly. They sneak up on you and the emotion of the day, the love between the couple, the little stories and characters going on around them, it all comes together and you find something unexpected when you load your cards into the computer (at night, usually, when I get home. Hazel waking up at 2.00am to remind me that I can stay up as late as I like, but it’s my turn to get up with the children).

And other weddings…. well lets just say that I’ve been looking forward to this all year. I don’t think there was a chance in hell that it wasn’t going to be awesome. And it was awesome (maybe even a bit more than I expected)

Sarah & Brian married at St Mary’s church in Tissington, before heading out to the farmyard for a Glastonbury-inspired tipi wedding. It was bristling with creativity and one hell of a party. The resulting photos, well –  they don’t really resemble wedding photographs. Even more so than usual. The wonderful Tipi’s were provided by Peaktipis


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Sarah & Jack’s Blackbrook House Wedding

Sarah & Jack (or Jack and Sarah, as I always feel inclined to call them, after the film of the same name) married at Blackbrook House in Belper. This was one of those weddings with incredible imagination and attention to detail – and the staff at Blackbrook House were tremendous in helping to bring their vision to life. You can see why it picked up Wedding TV’s venue of the year award.

They are a lovely couple, Jack continually dropping little surprises for Sarah throughout the day, and emotions were running high in the best sense possible.

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