derbyshire wedding photography

Do you like to do things your own way? Stamp your own style on things with your own creativity and humour.

Do you want to capture the emotions and personalities and stories of your wedding. Not a cheesy collection of photographs.  

Most of all you just want to relax and enjoy your wedding and spend time with your guests without the day feeling like a photoshoot. 

I tend to work with a lot of creatives - photographers, designers, musicians - and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think it's their attitude that draws them to my style.  I’d describe my style as creative, relaxed, honest and cinematic. It’s inspired by movies and music and not by what everyone else is doing. 

I keep things simple and focus on the story, emotions, light and composition. To make photos that make you feel like you're still there in the moment.

Please stay a while and immerse yourself in the stories here.



FEATURED | rose + philip

"Any photographer could give us photos but you have given us much more. You have captured moments, relationships, feelings and love. How you have managed to photograph the things we can't physically see....we don't know! But can and you have! 
A precious gift! A million times.....Thank you! "

Creative Reportage Wedding Photography

I tend to approach everything I photograph in the same way - with a sort of wild eyed wonder and a need for the picture to make an emotional connection. 

I like moods and emotions and feelings and reality. And it's in that reality I believe the true magic lies. 

I love weddings because they're a microcosm of life. Intimacy and substance is far more important to me than "having a style" - (in fact... it's probably the only thing that really makes a style.)

It's simple, authentic and creative. And it's never the same twice.